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Chicago-based professional organizer, Silvia Flinton, is the inspiration and creative force behind Thoughtful Order. No stranger to home-based chaos, Silvia grew up in a rambunctious family of seven and as an adult has relocated her home and family numerous times, both domestically and internationally – experiences for which she credits her passion for organizing.

Believing that her passion was simply a quirky compulsion, she found her true purpose after reading the New York Times bestselling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Japanese organzational expert, Marie Kondo. After reading Kondo’s book, Silvia realized that her own personal approach to tidying perfectly aligned with Kondo’s beautiful philosophy of sparking joy in your home and life. She was inspired to fully commit to the certification process in 2017 and is a fully certified KonMari Consultant today.  She is also a Professional member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).  

With a bachelor’s degree in English Literature, a master’s degree in Graphic Design and more than 20 years working in design and marketing, Silvia now channels her creativity and energy into helping her clients create a home filled with peace, lightness and calm. Through the art of tidying, she believes that everyone can remove distraction, surround themselves with the things they love and, ultimately, free themselves to live their best life.

Silvia resides with her husband and two teenage children in a beautifully tidy home in the Chicago area, from which she joyfully helps her clients organize and transform their lives.

With Marie Kondo at the KonMari Certified Consultants Retreat

With Marie Kondo at the KonMari Certified Consultants Retreat

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